Lac McArthur Lake Waterfront Real Estate - 3 Things I Love

This medium-sized lake in Val-des-Monts sits just above and to the west of Grand Lake and to the east of Lac Saint-Pierre. McArthur Lake is amazingly picturesque thanks to its steep, dramatic, undisturbed rocky shoreline on the east side of the lake. This lake is 1.8km long and 1km wide and has a generally gradual, gentle shoreline, while in places it’s up to 80ft deep. McArthur Lake is conveniently close to the city, only a 45-minute drive from Ottawa-Gatineau.

Things I love about McArthur Lake:

  • Generally a quieter lake, without a lot of big boats
  • Wider than most lakes for big, open-water views
  • Large stretches of beautiful, undisturbed shorelineLac 

Learn more about the lake and its community:

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